3D SPARK is a Unique place where your Dreams will be Designed into reality and Deliver to clients with a Sparkling effect..

We are providing the start to end solutions to the clients which means we start with your dream design, take it further and end display to public.

As we have special devices in the foot fall places, we can showcase your ads without depending on any other platform for display!

We have 3D display installed units more than 100 Footfall locations (Specially in theatres)

We have 300 people per location and 100 locations so that our total display for crowd is more than 3 lakh people per show and more than 12 lakh people per day to promote your brand we are expanding our locations to trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, business shows, offices, show rooms, malls - multiplexes, hospitals, schools - colleges, hotel - restaurants, airports, supermarkets etc.


Dream about your add

Will make your dreams into reality…


Design your advertisement:

will plan & design what you want.. We will keep in mind the end product & develop accordingly..


Deliver your advertisement:

Once we develop – We will Deliver your product which seems like your dream in Reality !


3D SPARK is based in INDIA. It’s specialized in creativity, strategy and technology. We believe that the DREAMS are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. However large or small your organization is. Not only does the technology steer strategy, it also play an intrinsic part in the development of creative concepts for marketing, communication, culture and innovation. 

You dream about your advertisement.. It is our job to DESIGN as per your DREAM and develop with latest technology and DELIVER accordingly!

Services We Provide


3D spark has special equipment which has 3D Visual Display which is a cutting-edge visual solution for creating, managing and displaying your unique 3D video content with 3d effect. A hi-tech hardware device generating stunning 3D visuals perceived by viewers as hi-resolution 3d floating in the mid-air. This equipment is A Perfect Advertising Player.

3D spark has this equipment in multiple locations so that we can advertise your adds

  • Low cost
  • Maximum reach to audience
  • High effect display
  • Stunning look
  • At a time display in all locations
  • Your add will be played for maximum time

3D Spark has a special design team to create 3D Visual Display which can be used to produce a 3 dimensional image / video of any product and display it in 3D without any special glasses.

3D Spark has Special Delivery team to telecast your add at multiple locations at a time. Our delivery team will ensure that your add will be played at proper time in multiple locations without any time delay.

We have multiple people at multiple locations

3D Spark installed the special equipment to telecast your advertisement in the following locations

  • Multiplexs Theaters Malls Public Places

Innovative Product Display

Hologram Projectors are a unique and effective way to attract attention to your trade show booth in today's competitive market.

Free Floating 3D Display

Free floating Virtual 3d holographic display, which does not needs any special glasses. By 3D SPARK you can showcase your multiple products.

Full HD Resolution

You will get spell bound 3D visual depth with Full HD resolution and superior exposure to your products and your brand.

3D Holographic Content

We are creating 3D Holographic Videos / Contents to showcase your different products in 3D Holographic Unit.

We create holographic video to showcase multiple products of our clients, so our clients does not have to carry their all the products in Exhibitions, Seminars and Events

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